Whilst they let intonation and vocabulary, colour and rhythmic energy flow into a new whole, the listener might just come to feel that time and space have become irrelevant.
Laudation for the German Record Critics Award by Helmut Rohm

4th International Composer' Workshop 2023 - Applications now open!
See call below

Videos of the presentation concert of the 3. International Composers' Workshop 2021/22:

Playlist on Youtube

Videos of the recent livestreams:

KlangART Vision Magdeburg

Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2021, 1. concert
Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2021, 2. concert
Worth knowing;

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Our next concerts and projects:

Konzerthaus Berlin, Werner-Otto-Saal, Berlin-Mitte
Sunday, February 5, 2023, 8pm

focused - roots

works by Rafael Borges Amaral, Sandeep Bhagwati, Il-Ryun Chung, Tom Rojo Toller and Helena Winkeman

An event of the AsianArt Ensemble in cooperation with the Konzerthaus Berlin
With the kind support of the Musikfonds

Eintritt: 15€
Tickettelefon: 030 · 203092101

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Konzerthaus Berlin, Werner-Otto-Saal, Berlin-Mitte
Monday, May 15, 2023, 8pm

focused - electronics

works by Rainer Rubbert (premiere), WANG Ying (premiere), Arne Gieshoff, Karola Obermüller
and AsianArt Ensemble (premiere)

An event of the AsianArt Ensemble in cooperation with the Konzerthaus Berlin
With the kind support of the Musikfonds

Admission: 15€
Ticket phone: 030 · 2030921

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Call as pdf

4th International Composers’ Workshop 2023 - AsianArt Ensemble

We are happy to announce the 4th International Composers' Workshop.
After the great results
(Videos ICW3) of last year, we hope for a further increase in quality. This time we will select 6 composers* from the applications.

The two-part workshop will take place as follows:

April 22-25, 2023 - International Composers' Workshop online (via Zoom)
Three days will be devoted to Asian instruments: sheng, daegeum, koto, gayageum, and janggu (Korean percussion instruments).
One day is scheduled for Western stringed instruments and Western percussion.

End of August 2023 (date to be announced) - Presentation concert of the works at Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstr. 3, Berlin-Mitte.

Participation fees:

400 Euro for active participants (with performance on August 2023)
100 Euro for passive participants (online workshop only)

Please send applications to
Deadline for applications is April 1, 2023.

Information in detail

This workshop will teach what an adequate notation for the Asian instruments of the AsianArt Ensemble might look like. Experience has shown that the simple transfer of instrumental techniques from Western instruments to Asian ones rarely leads to satisfying sound results.
Only the study of music from the instruments' countries of origin and their ancestral ways of playing steers the thinking about composing for this new body of sound in the right direction.
The workshop aims to do just that: to understand the instruments with their culture as a unity. After this first step, there are no limits to the imagination and experimentation of the composers.
Like last year, there will be an extra day for the European, supposedly well-known string instruments, because experience has shown that there is still much unknown to discover here as well.
The following instruments will be presented: sheng (Chinese mouth organ), daegeum (Korean bamboo transverse flute), koto (Japanese zither), gayageum (Korean zither), janggu (Korean drum) and the European string instruments violin, viola, cello and double bass and Western percussion.

The two-part workshop will have active and passive participants:

  1. The selected active participants will get the opportunity to compose a work for the AsianArt Ensemble, which will then be premiered in August 2023 at Villa Elisabeth in Berlin-Mitte. The selection of the 6 composers will be based on the submitted work samples and/or video and audio samples.

  1. Passive participants will take part in the workshops like the active participants, but will not have the opportunity to perform a work.

Workshop 1 will introduce the instruments of the AsianArt Ensemble. There will be an opportunity primarily for the active participants to try out ideas/sketches.

In workshop 2 there will be a discussion about the created scores in terms of playability, sound and writing. Afterwards, the works will be rehearsed and performed in a concert.
Passive participants are invited to attend Workshop 2, rehearsals and the concerts as audience members.
There will be a video documentation of the concert.


WU Wei - Sheng
YOO Hong - Daegeum
KIKUCHI Naoko - Koto
SUNG Youjin - Gayageum
Wolfgang Bender - Violine
YOO Chang-Yun - Viola
Gabriella Strümpel - Cello
Matthias Bauer - Kontrabass
Adam Weisman - westliche Perkussion
CHUNG Il-Ryun - Janggu (Korean percussion) and workshop leader


Meetings on the Zoom online platform (Workshop 1)

Studio Weisman
Auguste-Viktoria-Allee 99, 13403 Berlin
(workshop part 2/rehearsals)

Villa Elisabeth
Inavalidenstr. 3, Berlin-Mitte

Time schedule:

Workshop part 1: April 22-25, 2023 (online via Zoom).
Workshop part 2 and concert: second half of August

Conditions of participation
and registration:

Composers without age and nationality restrictions (active participants) as well as all interested
musicians and musicologists (passive participants)

Registration by e-mail

Required infos

Passive participants: name, age, professional orientation

Active participants: name, age, artistic resume,
samples of work (scores, links to audio and/or
video samples)

Participation fees:

Active participants: 400 €
Passive participants: 100 €

Application deadline:

April 1, 2023


AsianArt Ensemble GbR