Whilst they let intonation and vocabulary, colour and rhythmic energy flow into a new whole, the listener might just come to feel that time and space have become irrelevant.
Laudation for the German Record Critics Award by Helmut Rohm

Videos of the presentation concert of the 3. International Composers' Workshop 2021/22:

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KlangART Vision Magdeburg

Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2021, 1. concert
Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2021, 2. concert
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Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstr. 3, Berlin-Mitte
November 27, 2022, 8pm

focused - reboot


Volker Blumenthaler |
innuendo for sheng and string quartet (2021, premiere)
CHAN Ka Nin |
Moods of Lake Couchiching for large ensemble (2020, premiere)
CHEUNG Pui-shan | Solar
Contemplation III for large ensemble (2020, premiere)
CHUNG Il-Ryun |
Traumzeit for sheng and string quartet (2018)
Bliss for ensemble (2020)
Tomi Räisänen |
Kotona für Koto und Streichquartett (2022, UA)

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Konzerthaus Berlin, Kleiner Saal
Dezember 1, 2022, 8pm



AsianArt Ensemble |
Shinawi of Berlin for ensemble (2022, premiere)
CHUNG Il-Ryun |
Nachtfahrt - Traumebenen
Lyrics by Cécile Gall for narrator, soprano and ensemble (2020)
Arne Gieshoff |
how about ? Wild Lines with Sijo
für Ensemble und Sampler (2020)
Myung-Sun Lee |
Aufschrei for sheng and ensemble (2017)
Jongsung OH |
Rota Vitae for sheng solo 2021)

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20€/ erm. 16€
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