Berlin, Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
Konzerthaus Berlin
focused XIII - Raue Farben / Rough Colors

This concert focuses on the sounds produced by Asian instruments that are often perceived as rough, piercing or “untamed”. Sounds such as air noises, buzzing strings, and other acoustic phenomena that are considered unwelcome noises in European aesthetics, have always been a part of Asian music. The premiere of Gordon Williamson's new work (sponsored by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung) will be in the center of this concert.


Gordon Williamson
Pale Glimmering Trails (2016, premiere, sponsored by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung)
for gayageum, koto, cello and double bass

Keiko Harada
Vanishing Point Study IIIb
for daegeum, violin, viola and cello

Maki Iishi
Shichiku Gōitsu (2000)
for koto and daegeum

Artyom Kim
Shakti (German premiere)
for daegeum, cello and janggu

Bonu Koo
nah/fern (1998)
for gayageum, violin, viola and cello

AsianArt Ensemble
Raue Farben
for daegeum, koto, gayageum, violin, viola, cello, double bass and janggu
(conceived and led by Matthias Bauer)

Nürnberg, Saturday April 16
th and Sunday, April 17th, 2016
Hochschule für Musik
Labili Arti - Carte Blanche Blumenthaler

April 16
th: workshop
April 17
th: concert

works by Volker Blumenthaler and Il-Ryun Chung

Berlin, Sunday, June 5
th, 2016,
Museum of Asian Art, Berlin-Dahlem
MusikSalon Berlin
focused XIV - Kreisende Pulse – Circling Pulses

works by Günay Mirzayeva, Myung-Sun Lee, Il-Ryun Chung and others

Seoul, June 15
th to 16th, 2016
Namsam Gugak Dang - Korea House

June 15
th : concert
works by Il-Ryun Chung, Keiko Harada, Myung-Sun Lee, Helena Winkelman and the AsianArt Ensemble

June 16
th: workshop

Weikersheim Castle, Sunday, July 2
nd, 2016,
Hohenloher Kultursommer
Sound Expedition to the Far East

works by Myung-Sun Lee, Il-Ryun Chung and traditional Korean music

Bremen, Friday, September 23
rd, 2016,
Radio Bremen - Festival Harmonien der Welt - “Harmonies of the World”
special night celebrating the 50
th anniversary of the record label “celestial harmonies“

works by Il-Ryun Chung, Peter Michael Hamel, Keiko Harada, Myung-Sun Lee and Helena Winkelman

Berlin, Sunday, September 25
th, 2016
Museum of Asian Art, Berlin-Dahlem
MusikSalon Berlin
focused XV - Gebogene Linien – Curved Lines

In Asian music a note is considered alive and changeable. The visual equivalent could be a curved line. It is independent from a functional determination within a harmonic system, and could therefore develop in all sorts of directions, including significant changes of timbre.
Similar to calligraphy, where a brushstroke can convey accents and developments, a single note can express tension and direction.
This program deals with the shape of single notes in the premieres by Volker Blumenthaler and Yukiko Watanabe and in the works by Ken Ueno, Dai Fujikura and Hyoshin Na.


Volker Blumenthaler (*1951)
Cantico (2016, premiere)
for daegeum, gayageum, koto, janggu/jing, violin, viola, cello, double bass

Ken Ueno (*1974)
From a Single Calligraphic Stroke, a vision of N'Shima emerges (2005)
for daegeum, viola and cello

Yukiko Watanabe (*1983)
new work (2016, premiere)
for koto, gayageum, violin, viola, cello and double bass

Dai Fujikura (*1977)
Cutting Sky (2006)
for koto and viola

Hyoshin Na
Blueyellowriver (2000, German premiere)
for gayageum, cello and double bass

AsianArt Ensemble
Gebogene Linien
conceived and led by Il-Ryun Chung

Magdeburg, Sunday, October 30
th, 2016
SinusTon- Festival
Regarding Asia III


Tom R. Poller
Rescattered Melodies (2013)
for daegeum, cello and electronics

Marc Battier
Constellation (2012)
for koto and electronics

Andre Bartetzki
Beschreibung II (2016)
new work (premiere, commisioned by SinusTon-Festival)
for daegeum, koto, gayageum, violin, viola, cello, double bass, live animation and electronics

Il-Ryun Chung
Momentum (2012)
for daegeum, violin, viola, cello and double bass

Myung-Sun Lee
Ritual of Bridge (2013/15)
for string trio and live video

Shintaro Imai
Subtle Intonation (2016, premiere, commisioned by SinusTon-Festival)
for daegeum, koto, gayageum, strings and electronics

Berlin, Wednesday, November 16
th, 2016
Konzerthaus Berlin
focused XVI – German Composers

It may seem surprising that German composers are featured in a concert in Berlin. In fact, this is the first time the AsianArt Ensemble is playing a completely German program. Most of the pieces the AsianArt Ensemble plays are not from elsewhere, simply because there have been very few pieces for our combination of instruments by German composers so far. In the past years, there has been more and more interest in intercultural music – in part, thanks to the work of the ensemble, leading to a full concert's worth of “German” compositions. The chosen works give a good overview on how different composers approach the intermingling of cultures and how they deal with Asian instruments.


Oliver Schneller
Autumm Music (2016, premiere, commisioned by Siemens Musikstiftung)
for koto, gayageum, violine, viola and double bass

Sebastian Claren
new work (premiere)
for daegeum solo

Volker Blumenthaler
Cantico (2016)
for daegeum, gayageum, koto, violine, viola, cello, double bass and janggu

Benjamin Helmer
Suite (2015)
for daegeum and double bass

Tom Rojo Poller
Rescattered Melodies (2014) |
for daegeum and cello

Stefan Hakenberg
Sir Donald (1999, German premiere)
for gayageum, baroque cello and janggu